Our immersive technologies help organizations across industries who want to achieve an edge through 360 video, VR, AR, SR, and mobile applications.  Our personalized and engaged expertise help organizations identify and execute high value applications of immersive technology. 

Visit some of our experiences at well known locations.  These projects all started with a low cost, high impact storyboard.  Contact us to get your immersive story started.

CareerLabsVR Suite

We have developed a suite of 10 simulative virtual reality career exploration scenarios to aid in bringing job seekers to employers and vice versa. These simulations vary from the trades to agricultural-specific careers. Utilizing our Telemetry Core (TLCore) feature we can track the progress of individual users to gauge their readiness for in-field training or employment. There are 25 unique career exploration scenarios available on our custom-designed launcher, which also includes a compact learning management system (LMS) to learn about the software and hardware capabilities.

Replenishment at Sea Mixed Reality Application

The Replenishment at Sea (RAS) Mixed Reality (MR) application is a research project for the Royal Canadian Navy to demonstrate how on-ship operations can be simulated in an immersive training experience. The simulation is projected to the user by wearing a Microsoft HoloLens 2 allowing for training to be conducted anywhere. Typically, performing on-ship training operations is extremely expensive and requires fully crewed vessels with additional training personnel to be put to sea for weeks at a time. This training also renders a warship out of fleet operations as it conducts training.

Hydro Ottawa VR Development Suite

We have developed a simulative virtual reality scenario that trains employees and apprentices on how to hook up a new residential house from the meter to the transformer, utilizing a meggering sequence. With the integration of our proprietary software, TelemetryCore, we can track the progress of the trainees to gauge their readiness for in-field tasks. This scenario is the first of many that will be part of a training suite, complete with a compressed Learning Management System(LMS), dashboard, and individual user management system.

Fuel Handling Experience

Our goal was to represent the refueling process as accurately as possible using finely detailed steps, like selecting personal protective equipment, utilizing a calculator to calculate how much fuel the user must deliver, and even manually delivering the fuel. As the training process for newer drivers begins, Parkland has decided to leverage VR as a training tool allowing users to continuously run through and practice, without wasting fuel, or potentially harming themselves and others.