Our immersive technologies help organizations across industries who want to achieve an edge through 360 video, VR, AR, SR, and mobile applications.  Our personalized and engaged expertise help organizations identify and execute high value applications of immersive technology. 

Visit some of our experiences at well known locations.  These projects all started with a low cost, high impact storyboard.  Contact us to get your immersive story started.

Fuel Handling Experience

Our goal was to represent the refueling process as accurately as possible using finely detailed steps, like selecting personal protective equipment, utilizing a calculator to calculate how much fuel the user must deliver, and even manually delivering the fuel. As the training process for newer drivers begins, Parkland has decided to leverage VR as a training tool allowing users to continuously run through and practice, without wasting fuel, or potentially harming themselves and others.

Forensic Psychology Training

We have developed virtual reality experiences to allow medical staff to train in areas of violence, manage critical incidents, and become accustomed to procedural tasks that one would do in their field of work. We have developed a suite of different scenarios for St. Joseph’s Hospital & McMaster University that nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals can train with to prepare them for in-field complex and possibly dangerous situations. Through the use of virtual reality, we are able to immerse the trainee in an environment that simulates real life, allowing it to have the biggest impact on in-field experiences. More specifically, we have created scenarios that have occurred in the past, although rather than having a static ending, the medical professionals can make their own decisions along the way. Their decisions will impact the overall experience and outcome.

Athena Train Observer Application Simulation

Athena was a training simulation intended to implement the Transport Canada Emergency Response Plan to see if certain deficiencies can be corrected, but most importantly to allow the various response teams to anticipate possible dangers and difficulties. Many organisations participated in the Athena exercise, including the Defense Research and Development Safety Science Center, the CP and CN Railway Companies, the Association of Fire Chiefs of Quebec, first responders, but also industrial members like Suncor.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Jump into the trenches in France in 1917. Focusing on the impact the Royal Canadian Regiment had in the battle of Vimy Ridge. Interact with the environment and the soldiers around you, As you storm the battlefield and feel what it would be like to be a part of this pivotal moment in World War I. Through the use of our 4D rumbling platform, you will feel the explosions of artillery going off around you.